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Nancy Cawdrey is a Contemporary Western Artist located in Whitefish, Montana

Welcome!  You have entered the colorful and vibrant world of contemporary Western art – as interpreted by three Montana artists.  There is a range of subject matter and expression that may surprise you.  If nothing else, I hope it will elicit a response.  When I began painting with “serious” intent here in Montana, what I had seen was more traditional art of the West:  I wanted to express how I FELT living in this expansive environment.  The possibilities seemed endless – and I ventured in with an open heart.

Just as being with a young child reminds you of the wonder in the world, an artist will be struck by the light on a distant canola field, the drama in the sky before a thunderstorm, the brilliant autumn reflections in a stream. Making art is about re-discovering the world, moment by moment, and my hope is that it reminds and invites us to linger in that moment of awe.

Western art is not only about preserving the storied past – but also about re-imagining and painting our present.  It is where ALL of us live.

– Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey



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