Giclees: Fine Art Reproductions of Nancy Cawdrey Originals

Fine art reproductions are high quality collectible art pieces. All fine art reproductions should be small number, limited editions under the direct supervision of the artist. The smaller the edition, the more valuable a reproduction becomes. Every piece is hand numbered and hand signed by the artist. Some pieces may also have individual highlighting with archival paint placed on after the printing. Giclees are available printed on fine art paper, canvas or a gallery wrap canvas.  Paper and canvas prints need to be framed to display while gallery wraps are ready to hang.  Giclees are printed as they are ordered and generally take about 7 business days to print before shipping.

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FAQ:  What is a giclee?

FAQ:  How to care for a giclee.

Forever Glacier: Small Mammals of the Prairies and Grasslands


Forever Glacier: Swift Fox


Small Mammals of the River Bottom


Forever Glacier: Gray Wolf (Giclee)


St. Mary Lake


Forever Glacier: Pronghorn (Giclee)


The Calm at Waterton


Forever Glacier: Alces alces (Giclee)


Forever Glacier: Gulo gulo (Giclee)


Forever Glacier: Odocoileus virginianus (Giclee)


Forever Glacier: Vulpes vulpes (Giclee)


Forever Glacier: Odocoileus hemionus (Giclee)


Forever Glacier: Puma concolor (Giclee)


Forever Glacier: Oreamnos americanus (Giclee)


Forever Glacier: Cervus canadensis (Giclee)

Forever Glacier: "Lynx rufus

Forever Glacier: Lynx Rufus (Giclee)


Forever Glacier: Ursus americanus (Giclee)


Forever Glacier: Ovis canadensis (Giclee)


Forever Glacier: Small Mammals of the Old Growth Forest (Giclee)


Forever Glacier: Small Mammals of the Alpine Meadows (Giclee)


Open Range (Giclée)


Glacier Grille (Giclée)


New Century (Giclée)


Brookie (Giclée)


Wet and Wild (Giclée)


Coral Hibiscus (Giclée)


Mountain Stream


Splash of Color (Miniature)


Splash of Color




Fishing for Gold (Miniature Giclée)




Glacier Moose

$700 $350

The Crown Jewels


On the Fly


Wild Horse Plains


Horse Whisperer


Boot Fancy


High Noon On Camas Prairie


Joy of Cooking Framed Giclee