Nancy Cawdrey’s Western Art Press

We will be posting press releases on all of Nancy’s projects, accomplishments, community contributions and everything you might read in a magazine about Nancy Cawdrey right here for you to read.

Those of you who know Nancy realize that she’s far too humble to promote herself, which is why her husband Steve Cawdrey, office manager Joanne Mace are more than happy to do it for her!

Nancy is the first to admit that she’d much rather pick up a magazine than turn on her computer, yet she also understands that the internet and social networking play a significant role in bringing her artwork to those who aren’t able to walk into her gallery or enjoy one on one time with her in her studio.

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Glacier Country Spotlight in Forbes Magazine

Don’t miss this FANTASTIC Forbes article!!! “…Cawdrey continues finding inspiration from Glacier for her vibrant, eye-popping silk paintings which borrow from a Chinese artistic tradition dating back thousands of years. Her signature large format, colorful bison, moose and bears embody the advice she routinely gives herself and aspiring artists: “be big!”” Click image below for link to… Read more »

A Timeless Legacy: Women Artists of Glacier National Park

Check out this great video about “A Timless Legacy: Women Artists of Glacier National Park”.   Here’s even more information about the show from the Hockaday Museum: The Hockaday Museum of Art announces the premier art event and exhibit of “A Timeless Legacy – Women Artists of Glacier National Park” that will be on exhibit… Read more »

Artist of the West: Western Versatility in Big Sky Journal

Artist of the West: Western Versatility Whether dye on silk, watercolors, or oils, Nancy Cawdrey explores color in a variety of mediums Written by Michele Corriel  Big Sky Journal – June 2016 Nancy Cawdrey dips her brush into a plate of deep-ocher dye. Holding it near the tapered end, not wanting her stroke to be… Read more »

Artist Focus in American Art Collector Magazine

Check out the Artist Focus article on Nancy from the May, 2016 issue of American Art Collector Magazine! Exploring Mediums It took Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey some time to find her “right work,” and her artistic voice. Cawdrey has worked primarily using water media on silk, but also loves to do plein air and studio oil painting and transparent watercolor. “Prairie… Read more »

Smooth as Silk in Southwest Art Magazine

Smooth as Silk by Rosemary Carstens “Painting is a meditation,” says Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey. “It’s a way to ‘show up’ in the present moment with brush in hand and color on my palette. I choose to focus on what’s beautiful, what I feel grateful about.” Viewing one of Cawdrey’s color-saturated, iridescent silk paintings is like… Read more »