Nancy Cawdrey on Wildlife Paintings

Nancy Cawdrey’s unique approach to painting the wildlife of Glacier National Park, Yellowstone Park and the Great North West is best expressed in her own words.

“I like wildlife big and bold, filling the space, strong colors, demanding our attention.  They make a statement about the West in all its glory.  Perhaps my favorite is “Prairie Monarch,” which hasn’t as yet sold.  There is something about the size of bison, bear and moose – I like to take those massive forms and play with the “landscape” within the form.  I try to use lots of saturated color to get the depth and breadth of the animal, and that implies strength and a presence that I experience when I am up close and personal with them in Glacier Park and Yellowstone.

“There is such abundant wildlife in this part of Montana that I never lack for inspiration.  I have painted tiny baby killdeer, about 3 inches high, elegant blue heron patiently fishing in our slough, and the mighty Glacier moose foraging on a hillside full of tender aspen.  Sometimes an animal shows up repeatedly and “asks” me to paint them: a ruby-throated hummingbird, a scarlet runner dragonfly, a glistening brook trout – all suggest nature’s infinite variety and magic.  I once heard from a native American medicine man that everything we need to know to live in harmony on this earth we can learn in nature:  It is our best teacher. “


Evening Sortie

Champion Head Butter


Flight Patterns

Sharing the Wealth


Fox in Winter


Social Distancing Advised

Little Buns


Raven Speaks


Sweet Baby James


Little Dippers

Dawn Sentries


Pronghorn Prairie


Nectar Nymphs


Cedar Waxwing II


Big Mountain Magic


Dip and Sip


Thunder Ridge


Next Gen


Moon Shadow


Walk on the Wild Side


Forever Glacier Grizzly Poster


Omen of Change




Ladies Choice

Gift of the Magpie 2

Where the River Runs | Nancy Cawdrey Gallery & Lounge

Where the River Runs


Peace on Earth


Winter Monarch


Sun Dance


Trophy Moose


Bathing Buddies

Big Pappy

$8,500 $6,500

Bear Bones


Western Patterns


Fox Derby


Hide and Seek


The Road Less Traveled


Big Dipper


Sky Dancer


All Creatures Great and Small


Stepping Lightly


Moose of a Different Color


Moose Camouflage


Cubs Scouting


When the River Runs Red


Mountain Magic


Thunder on the Horizon


Coyote Sunset


Wolf at Sunrise


Fertile Valley Bison

Geography of Wonder | Nancy Cawdrey Gallery & Lounge

Geography of Wonder


A Kindness of Ravens


Break Time


Bison Near Valier