Contemporary Western Art

Nancy Cawdrey’s contemporary western paintings incorporate rich hues, vibrant color, light and energy into each piece. She captures time and place in her paintings, which are for sale here online, at galleries, and at western art shows and auctions in her home state of Montana. Nancy also travels to Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and Idaho to participate in art shows and auctions, and to meet her collectors in person.  Please visit Nancy’s event page to see her schedule, and be sure to contact us if you’d like to arrange to meet Nancy in person at one of her art shows.

Nancy did not begin her art career by painting the west on silk.

“When I first started painting on silk, I really wasn’t drawn to “western” themes because of the predominance of brown there-in!  I got over that, and when I painted my Texan grandmother Stella on a bucking horse in brilliant color, that was the launch I had been waiting for.  Many cowgirls, cowboys, horses and cattle later, I admit to using some brown now and then, but always mixed with other colors.  I have enjoyed depicting early Americans with tipis and travois and such.  There is something about the subject matter painted on silk which really appeals to some collectors.  I once discovered that Charlie Russell painted a couple of pieces on silk, probably his wife’s old petticoat.  We artists will paint on any surface given half a chance.  Lately I have been painting more western figures under the big sky, with billowing cumulous clouds or a dramatic sunrise.  I finished one commission not long ago of two sizable draft horses with a backdrop of the Tetons, lots of color and drama there!”    – Nancy Cawdrey

Winter Chores


Breaking the Silence


Woodland Victory


Sweetgrass and Sage


The Lightness of Being


Morning on the Milk River




Golden Boy


Cowgirl Story


Going for Broke

Chasing a Dream


Night Rider


The Lightness Of Being By Moonlight


On The Buffalo Ground


Going Home Is Such A Ride




A Welcome Rest


Sky Dancer


Riders Before a Storm


Leading the Charge


Something Old, Something New


Home Fires


Riverside Appaloosa

Something Borrowed, Something Blue


Coyote Sunset


Chasing Windmills


Black Bear Lodge


Crow Fair Elder


Native Shield


Distant Thunder


Sweetgrass & Sage


Hangin’ on for Dear Life


Hundred Horse Lodge


Rye Creek Lodge


Snake River Lodges


Arrow Creek Encampment


Scouting at Dusk


Buckskin Beauty


Red Sun Lodge


Blue Moon Bull