Cowgirls and Big Sky Newsletter

Cowgirls and Big Sky Newsletter 

April 20, 2016

When I was a little girl, my Texan grandmother Stella would visit us wherever we were living in the US and abroad.  We would sit rapt as she told us stories of her life on a west Texas ranch: horses, cattle, buggies, blizzards, rattlesnakes.  It was no life for the timid!  My imagination took flight and I filled in what she left out.  And of course anyone who grew up in the 50’s was exposed to so many western TV shows: Roy and Dale, Cisco and Pancho, Gunsmoke, Bonanza and so on.

Years later when I began painting, those memories came flooding back, especially when my grandmother died.  I was living in Montana by then, just south of Glacier Park.  I wanted to honor her in some way, so I painted a frisky cowgirl on a bucking horse, Stella and Star.  And so began a series of cowgirl paintings.  It was great fun to try to capture some of the spirit of the Old West and New West by honoring women on horseback.    I had plenty of reference material, having photographed rodeos and horse and riders over the years.  I began acquiring some fun western gear to wear to the many art shows I attended in the West.  There was something about putting on that fringed jacket and cowgirl boots that connected me to my roots…and to my grandmother.

We are offering these few cowgirl paintings (and one cowboy) for auction beginning Monday, April 25th.

All the best,

Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey


All pieces are being sold framed and ready to hang!  The auction will take place on the Nancy Cawdrey Gallery & Lounge Facebook Page. Bidding will be open from Monday, 9:00 am to Friday, 4:00 pm (Mountain Time).


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