The Russell Exhibition & Sale Newsletter

The Russell Exhibition & Sale Newsletter

February 22, 2016

There are signs of Spring here in Flathead Valley – which means the CM Russell Show is just ahead on the trail.  Most of my show paintings are drying, being scanned or being framed.  I’m trying to finish up a couple more:  one of a BNSF locomotive in watercolor, step by step as I define some of the myriad moving parts!

I am privileged to be one of 23 CM Russell Museum Skull Society Artists, an invited  group  of painters and sculptors showing at the Civic Center in Great Falls, Montana March 17-19.  Check the Museum’s website for all the details of the auction, quick draw and presentations:

I will be bringing some unframed watercolors and oils called “Little Nancys” to display,  and these can be bid on in person at the show and on-line at our Nancy Cawdrey Gallery & Lounge Facebook page.  We will be updating the on-line bidding as the week progresses.  The bidding will begin Monday at 10am, March 14 and ending Saturday, 10pm, March 19.  I hope folks who can’t attend will have fun bidding on these pieces, a percentage of those sales going to support the Museum.  See below for more details.

For many, this is the only time I get to connect with you, and I‘m looking forward  to it.  As I look around our house, I realize the art on my walls is from artists I have met in person and developed a friendship with.  For whatever reason, this seems important to me.  Western Art Week in Great Falls provides a wonderful opportunity to meet a wide range of artists at the various shows and auctions around town.  If you’ve never joined the fun, please consider it.  Hope to see you there!

All the best,

Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey


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