I paint ideas….things that come to me during the course of my life.  Be it an Irish castle or a Kiowa teepee, I attempt to portray the humanity behind the image, not the object itself.   This can be a challenge, a noble one worth pursuing.

Many of my paintings have the look and feel of the American West………that is because the West is the place where I was born and raised.  I know the rattle of cottonwoods on a cold fall morning, the hue of dusk’s long light on a buffalo grass prairie; I have drunk the cold drip of a blue shale spring.  These things have nurtured me from my birth, and coyotes, God’s Dogs,  have howled their essence into my soul.

Wherever I travel I paint, and wherever I paint I gather stories, histories, myths, and legends; they allow me to “see” with a larger eye.  It is my hope this translates to my paintings and makes for a meaningful experience for the viewer.

Michael Ome Untiedt