Martin Lambuth’s paintings are about more than the subject matter of vintage trucks and trains. It’s about nostalgia, history and the stories they inspire by viewers. Although lost in time or forgotten in the weeds, they can still take you on a ride to grandpa’s farm, bumping down a country road in dad’s pickup, or riding the rail through the past.

Martin has a unique style. Although he paints with traditional tools, such as brushes or palette knives, he is becoming known for exploring a new method of painting primarily with plastic cards (credit cards, rooms keys, gift cards). This technique invites a unique combination of finishes and textures – from the weather-influenced finishes created by exposure, rust and oxidation, to believable renditions in landscapes and portraiture. As the exact result of a “brushstroke” is unknown, he calls this style, “Random Acts of Paint”. He has an idea what’ll happen, but the results can be unpredictable. A particular stroke doesn’t happen on demand, nor can it be duplicated. He calls it a blend of concerted effort and happy accidents. His paintings invoke a sense of realism when viewed at a distance, but up close the viewer can relish in the abstracted interplay of loose textures buried in layers of rich color.

An award-winning artist, Martin has been juried into a variety of local, regional and national art shows in Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Texas, California, Idaho and Montana.

His work in permanent corporate collections include JAMS Denver, Three Tree Capital, Cheyenne Depot Museum, Kaiser Permanente and The Children’s Hospital in both Denver and Parker.


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