John has been painting commissions of Western and Aviation art for three decades, but only when he retired from a career as a corporate pilot, was he able to fully embrace his passion for western art, a passion initially inspired by a cowboy artists of America show.
He and his wife Tricia have chosen to live in Idaho, a location that affords him the opportunity for studying the culture and history of the west and immerse himself in the landscape that surrounds him.
John portrays on canvas, his unique style and compelling ability to arouse emotions of nostalgia.  The historical content in his paintings not only depict a time in history, they tell a story. With such compassion, it is evident a part of him is left within each painting regardless of the subject matter.
Dual careers have allowed this talented artist to be recognized in national shows including arts for the parks.  His widely appreciated style has earned him awards in many specific art categories, awards of merit and fellow artist peer awards.  John is an artist member of the American society of aviation artists, a source for many of his commissions.
A very approachable artist, John is always willing to discuss, mentor and share all aspects of his work whether it be at a private showing in his home or a prestigious art show.


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